Our Education Program with Red Elephant Foundation and Tale Weavers

Our team at the Alt Cricket Foundation couldn’t be happier to be joining hands with The Red Elephant Foundation and Tale Weavers to provide more learning opportunities to our children and give them the resources necessary to integrate back into society.

The Red Elephant Foundation is an initiative that is built on the foundations of story-telling, civilian peacebuilding and activism for sensitisation on all drivers of peace – gender, race, nationality, colour and orientation. Tale Weavers is an initiative that aims to engage with children and the youth through stories that challenge stereotypes and break the barriers in creating a just society. With both these amazing organisations, we will work towards educating our children through tutorials and empower every child with inspiring stories.

The psychological trauma of being an orphan can take its toll and along with giving them love and care, we also acknowledge the importance of creating a learning environment which will give them the best chance of becoming independent and responsible. Our plans are to create a learning experiences catered to every child’s need. We have thoroughly gone through every child’s track record at school and curated videos with Swahili subtitles to give them more learning opportunities. Every week, our kids will have a chance to sit down and watch our learning tutorials created by The Red Elephant Foundation and we will track their learning with personalised worksheets which we will be checking. This way, we will always be challenging every child’s potential.

With no access to electricity in Ndaragwa, the village they stay in, our children haven’t been introduced to the modern way of learning. This means even though they attend school and are learning academics, they are falling behind the ways of the world with each day. The partnership with The Red Elephant Foundation and Tale Weavers gives us just the perfect opportunity to introduce them to the modern ways of learning which go beyond the academics. The education program will teach them academics, and their social responsibilities at a young age – values that go a long way in shaping an individual. It will teach them about gender equality, and health & hygiene just as much as it will teach them English and Math.

With this partnership, we are hopeful that the grades of our children will improve as the program matures. More than that, our hope is they become confident individuals who are up to speed with their generation.