Fundraiser at the Long Beach Marathon – Help us build a sustainable solution

Dear Donor,

We are grateful for your support which has brought us this far. We have had the capacity to send our 12 orphans to school in the last couple of years and every child has received food and health care.

After months of discussions with our trustees and our caretaker, Wambugu, we have concluded that the only way to promise long term help and support is to create a sustainable business. This way, not only can we send all our children to school, we can even start looking at the prospect of building a home where they can live under our care.

Currently, we have been running through endless cycles of peaks and troughs where we’ve had funds and then after a few months, we have to try and reach out to communities again to help our cause. Our ethos as a foundation is to plant seeds that will last for a long period, and to do that, we have come up with this long term plan of building a chicken farm to allow us to have a steady stream of income.

Here is how it will work:

With your help, we can build a brighter future for these children for years to come and allow them to sustain their own future. It allows them to have the freedom to create more opportunities and perhaps build more sustainable solutions. All they need is a small push from us, and if we get the funding, we are certain that our children will have the security of going to school and eating healthy food every single day.

Our aim through this campaign is to build our chicken farm, but we also still have to send our children to school for another semester before our project kicks off:

Here is how you can help:

To round up, the aim of this campaign is to continue sending the children to school for the next six months as we wait for our chicken farm project to kick off, and our aim is that once our project is up and running in 2019, the rest of the school fees will be taken care of from there.

In this campaign, our founder, Meenal Viz, will be running the Long Beach Half Marathon in Los Angeles in October to raise funds and spread the word about our work in Kenya. Last December, we had conducted a similar fundraiser in Gibraltar and received tremendous support that kept us going during the first half of 2018. Our hope is this event will be just as effective and our donors will extend their support again.

Our team has been under a lot of pressure from the schools to pay school fees for the next semester. Last week, our kids were sent home due to the unpaid fees and this has had a detrimental effect on the children’s morale. Being a small charity, we rely entirely on our donors to help us keep the effort going and our hope hinges entirely on the funds we collect from events like these.

Last year, with the help of the Gibraltar community, we received an overwhelming support of 2900GBP in our #ClimbForKenya campaign.

This year, we are looking to raise a total of 3500GBP to allow us to comfortably send these children to school for six months whilst our chicken farm develops and grows.

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Thank you!

ACF Team.