Meet Our Wonderwomen! #climbforkenya

26th December, 2017 – Gibraltar

We are excited to announce our last event of 2017. Our co-founder, Meenal Viz, and her friends, Disha Khemani and Veronica Warde, will climb 12 laps of The Rock of Gibraltar this Boxing Day to raise funds for our 12 orphans. The Gibraltar community has always stood by us through our journey and we are confident we will gain more support from them as we look forward to sending some goodwill and happiness to Kenya during the festive season.

Our goal for this event is to raise enough money to help us pay off the tuition debts and cover for food expenses for the upcoming month. Educating these kids is our highest priority because we believe that is a definite way to help them break the vicious circle of poverty and come out of their difficult lives. You can be a part of our journey too; even a small donation can mean so much to us and will make a powerful impact on these innocent lives.

12GBP will feed a child for a month
30GBP will help us with health insurance of a child for three months
135GBP will send a child to school for an entire year

Here’s a little bit about our ladies supporting the Alt Cricket Foundation:

Disha Khemani:

Hey everyone! I’m Disha, a Gibraltarian Dentist working in Oxford! Meenal and I have been best friends for over 20 years now and so when she told me about her inspiring idea to raise money for orphans in Kenya, I knew immediately it would involve some sort of physical exercise!! Although training for such an event will require determination, sweat and probably tears… it will all be worth putting a smile on 12 children’s faces. I hope for this to be my first step in continuing to raise awareness and collect donations for life-changing charities worldwide.


Veronica Warde:

Hello! I’m also Gibraltar, I have recently completed my Masters degree in International Business, I have a passion for traveling as well as helping those in need. Meenal, a great, supportive childhood friend recently shared her idea in regards to raising money for orphans in Kenya by completing 12 laps around our very own Rock of Gibraltar, each lap representing an orphan. Initially, I thought it was a fantastic idea, I am supportive and very willing to help raise money and awareness for a great cause. I would love to make their dreams come true, seeing an orphan happy and smiling is definitely one of the most rewarding gifts anyone could ever ask for.

“The capacity to care is the thing which gives life its deepest Significance” – Pablo Casals


Daniella Dudley:

Meenal has been my training buddy since a young age in Gibraltar and we have gone through many challenges together, so when she told me about the walk there was no way I would not join her! I’m always up for challenging myself and try and do as much charity work as possible especially if it involves pushing myself! I think what the charity is doing are amazing and anything we can do to help these orphans will be worthwhile. I’ll also have an extra buddy joining me (Arlo) and he’s always up for a walk!

Meenal Viz:

Guess what? I’m also from Gibraltar!

Disha, Daniella and Veronica are my childhood best friends, and 20 years on, here we are joining hands for a cause that’s so close to my heart. You know your friends support you when they agree to join you on something you know they will DREAD! These ladies would happily do one lap of the rock. But 12? Only for our kids in Kenya!

Our community in Gibraltar have always supported our ventures, and I’m certain they will back us up this time too. Thank you Disha, Daniella and Veronica for helping me make this happen, I promise to treat you to some delicious pizza and cake if I’m still capable of walking after this event!