I live with my 80 year old Grandmother in the village. My Grandmother goes to the farm every morning at 4am to work so that I can go to school and have at least one meal every day. When I don’t have school, I also go and help – sometimes my Grandmother gets tired, and I like to help her when I can.

I love to play football with my friends, and my favourite thing to do after school is to dance to music with the radio on full volume if my Grandmother allows me.

My dream is to become a pilot and take my Grandmother around the world. I want to take care of my Grandmother like she takes care of me.


I am twelve years old and I live with my 20-year-old sister. My sister usually works in the city so I only see her in the early morning and night time. My parents left us when I was a small baby so I have no memory of my parents. My sister says I have the same round eyes, just like my Mum had.

When I’m older, I would love to be a fashion designer. I help my sister sew her clothes for me. I usually wear my sister’s old clothes and we manage to stitch them up to fit my size. I hope that one day I can finish school and go to college and help all the people in my village wear nice clothes, especially during Christmas – it’s my favourite time of the year!


I am 14 years old and my dream is to become a lawyer. I wish to help other orphans like me so that they don’t have to struggle to survive every day. In my village, there are many children who have lost their parents and I wish there was more help for them.

When I finish school, I hope to go to the best law school in Nairobi and come back to Nyahururu and help all the children here stay safe.


I live with my uncle. He was the only from my family who could take care of me. Just like my parents, his wife also died of HIV/AIDS. My uncle always saves his money so we can eat some nice food on Sunday after we visit church. If we are lucky, we can buy some bread and share it with our neighbours.

When I grow up, I want to be a chef. Tasty food makes me very happy, and I hope I can make other people happy too with my cooking. If I am blessed to live in the orphanage, I want to help cook for all my brothers and sisters and make sure nobody goes to bed hungry.


I want to be a policeman when I grow up. I want to be a big, strong man and save everybody from trouble. My father worked in the police station in the city and every day I saw big men in shiny uniform working very hard.

Every day I run to school because I cannot afford to go on the school bus. I also have to run back from school every day because I have to come home in time to help my grandmother with the evening chores. We wash the clothes and collect water for the next day. Collecting water takes two hours and without clean water, we cannot shower or drink tea – and my grandmother loves tea!


I want to be a singer when I grow up. Every Sunday I sing in church with my friends and this is my happy place. I live with my two younger cousins and my Aunt. Every night I sing them a song and put them to sleep because my Aunt has to cook and clean for us. My younger cousins are like my brothers, I do everything with them. We sleep together, play together and we go to school together.

I wish I had more brothers and sisters to play and sing with, if I lived in a bigger home with many other brothers and sisters, it will make me feel like I have a real family.


My dream is to become a doctor. Wambugu tells me our supporters of the foundation are big doctors in London and they save lives every day. My parents didn’t have any money or access to medicine and so they died at a very young age. In Kenya, we need good doctors to help everyone live longer and stay healthy.

My big brother is doing everything he can to help my dream come true. But last year I had to miss two semesters of school because we had no money to pay for the school fees. But I have faith in God, that one day I will be working in the hospital saving many lives every day.


I live with my neighbours in the village and I teach the small children mathematics and science. I love mathematics. My teacher says that I am like a walking calculator! It brings me a lot of happiness to teach the other children and help them in school – because most days we cannot attend class because the bus fee is very expensive. So instead of going to school, we learn at home.


I used to live in an orphanage 10 kilometres from my village, but the Government shut it down because we were too many children living in a small home. When I left, I cried a lot because I left all my brothers and sisters and now I live alone with my Grandmother.

I have a lot of memories of the orphanage and it is my dream to go back and play with everyone and live in a big, happy family again.


I help my Aunt with her chicken farm every day. Taking care of these chickens is very important to us because we sell their eggs in the market every day. These chickens are like part of the family, they help us pay for our daily bread and rice.

When I grow up, I want to be a fireman. I remember I had one small toy that my father gave me before he died, and that was an old firetruck that my father found. I kept it close to me every day. If I can go to school and get good grades, becoming a fireman will mean a lot to my father who is in heaven now with my mother.


I live with my neighbous in the village. When my parents died, they had moved from their home town and I had nobody to lok after me. So I go to visit my family every weekend and play with my cousins. My neighbours have a very big heart and I feel just like their own family.

My mother used to be a history teacher. I want to be just like her when I grow up and share beautiful stories of the past of Kenya and Africa. I love reading books, I walk to the library every Saturday. It is 15km away, so it takes a long time to walk and I only have time on the weekend when I don’t have school.


Wambugu is my favourite person in the world. He brings me sweets and brand new footballs every Christmas and I love playing with him. Every time he leaves the village, I cry a lot because I love Wambugu and Stella so much. I wish that Wambugu can take me to his home so I can live with his family.

I want to do everything like Wambugu when I grow up. I want to run marathons in many different countries and help orphans like me.