New Year, New Hopes, New Dreams!

This Christmas has been one full of joy and hope for our team at the Alt Cricket Foundation and our kids in Kenya.

You have helped us send 12 orphans to school for another year! Your generous donations made #ClimbForKenya a monumental success. We collected a total of 2900 GBP.

ClimbForKenya, new year new dreams
Your help has allowed us to move a step further and focus on our ultimate dream of building an orphanage in Kenya and providing our caretaker with a car to transport all the goods to the kids.

Often times, we have had to put this goal in the background in favour of more pressing needs like food and schooling for our children. However, now our focus shifts towards finding more donors like you and forming corporate partnerships that will help us raise the funds needed to build the orphanage.

Why do we need a car?
Our caretaker, Wambugu, lives 40km away from our children who are currently living with their relatives in a small village.

Wambugu has to spend hours waiting for public transportation to get the job done. Whilst we acknowledge a car might be a luxury for a lot of people, for us it is a necessity.  A second-hand car would cost around 2800 GBP but can help us save a lot of money spent on public transportation and valuable time which can be spent on looking after the children.

Here is what the queues look like in Nyahururu when waiting for a bus:

bus-photo-altcricketfoundation, new year new dreams

Our orphanage:
Last year, we hired an architect to give us a plan of building the orphanage and the costs associated with it.

Our Foundation is extremely grateful for some costs which have already been catered for; such as the water and electricity setup, the cost of the land, and the fencing around the compound. We have saved over 14,000GBP here and we can concentrate all our energy solely on building this home.

The table below shows a breakdown of the costs to build an orphanage to cater for 6 children.
Our finance team at the Foundation have concluded that we should build our orphanage in two phases:

Phase 1: Build the orphanage to cater for 6 children – the costs are shown below
Phase 2:  Expand our orphanage and cater for the remaining six children after the completion of phase 1. Phase 2 will cost us an additional 6000 GBP

Below are the costs that we have saved up on:

Building-material-altcricketfoundation, new year new dreams

Below are the costs to complete phase 1:

Building-material, new year new dreams