Dear Donor,

As we approach the middle of our school year, we are very happy to inform you that all of our 12 children have successfully cleared their exams with flying colours.

This is a huge achievement for us at the Foundation – just three years ago, we couldn’t afford to purchase books or pens for our kids. But with your help and support, our kids have come a very long way. Our collaboration with The Red Elephant Foundation and Tale Weavers has also boosted our children’s confidence through storytelling and online tutorials. Our vision of giving these children some hope has given them the fire to work harder than ever before and we cannot thank you enough for making this happen.

Last month, we were informed that our youngest kid, Brian is suffering from a very serious medical condition – Cryptochismus. Unfortunately, Brian was born with a condition where his testes haven’t fully descended and are now trapped in his abdomen. This only came to light last week as all our children went through a routine medical check for the first time. We have been informed that Brian requires urgent surgery, without which, Brian will suffer in the future with fertility problems.

The total cost for this surgery adds up to 500 GBP – this will include his pre-operative care, the full surgery and post-operative medications.

We sincerely hope you join hands with us and give Brian the chance to recover from such an unfortunate medical condition.

If every one of our loyal donors donates just 10 GBP, we’ll be on our way to sending Brian to the best doctors available for his treatment.